Used Forklifts
Fiscal responsibility and budget restrictions are always essential aspects in a main procure. Does one unite the assurance of a superior forklift with a fraction of the cost?

Before when you said used forklift it signifies lower quality equipment. Factory trained experts at Miami Forklifts have years of know-how and we assure an unmatched level of superiority as well as reliability with each used forklift that we offer. Each used forklift undertakes a thorough assessment prior to going out for sale.

A Used Forklift Could Provide

  • Wide selection of used forklifts- many makes and models
  • Capabilities that range from 3,000 to 17,500 lbs.

Our well trained forklift technicians do the following tests and checks on all reconditioned equipments.

  • Compression Check: To make sure that the engine has the right amount of control
  • Brake Check: Takes account of the inspection of the brake shoes, master cylinder, as well as oil seals to make sure the equipment is in OEM spec.
  • Hydraulic Load Assessment: Test the hydraulic method to make sure that the equipment could lift is rated capacity.
  • Engine and Transmission Stall Examination: Places the forklift in practical assessment to check the load pulling capability.
  • Mast Channels Check: Test mast channels for indications of excessive wear and tear
  • Load Chain Examination: Assess the load chains to make sure that they have the right tension and are in spec.
  • Checking the Electrical Charging: Makes sure that the electrical charging scheme is working well.
  • Checking The Axle Mechanism: Check for accuracy and slack and tire wear too.


All our warranties forklifts are carefully checked as well as reconditioned through factory trained experts to make sure that they meet the rigorous standard. There are lots of things that need to consider before we entrusts to selling used forklift. Our skilled, intelligent and knowledgeable employee cares which you get a used forklift from Miami forklifts which will not just suit into your taste and budget but will also last and put into your efficiency. Majority of the used forklift that we have comes with a guarantee and warranty that it have been carefully and methodically reconditioned and checked.

Other Used and Recondition Forklift Dealerships

Check if how long they have been in this field? No other companies can beat our decades in industrial supplies and materials handling business. Some of their used forklifts are outdated and has low capacity. Miami Forklifts has a strong standing for service, quality, and integrity is renowned all through Miami area and worldwide.