Remanufactured Forklift Parts
Remanufactured parts offer a remarkable significance and with our strict refurbishing procedures, quality is sustained. Trust Miami Forklifts to not just provide the widest range of remanufactured forklift parts accessible, but also the best quality remanufactured parts. Not finding exactly the parts you need? Call and let our experts put their extensive product knowledge and skill to work for you!

We Stock Some of the Most Renowned Brands

  • Allis Chalmers Forklift Parts
  • Baker Forklift Parts
  • Caterpillar Forklift Parts
  • Clark Forklift Parts
  • Hyster Forklift Parts
  • Kalmar Forklift Parts
  • Komatsu Forklift
  • Linde Forklift Parts
  • Mitsubishi Forklift Parts
  • Toyota Forklift Parts
  • Yale Forklift Parts


  • Miami Forklift engines are tested and assured to meet, if not exceed, OEM specs.
  • High quality workmanship by extremely trained forklift experts
  • The engines we offer are hot run tested for twenty-seven minutes at Range Per Minute setting or 300 to 2400 for oil pressure, leaks, vacuum and noises.
  • Renewed originals are conserved in heavy plastic in order to avoid dust contamination and then delivered on particularly made skids in cartons for extra security.

Renewed Originals: Re-manufactured Parts

  • Miami Forklift renewed originals are not only rebuilt, but they are completely remanufactured. This leads to high quality forklift engines at a fraction of the cost.
  • Entire units are disassembled with care and completely oven -cleaned
  • New pistons, spark, rings, seals, gasket as well as bearings are set up
  • The rods, head, block, camshaft and crankshaft are Magnafluxed. Those who don’t meet the OEM standards are replaced.
  • The whole assembly is done by one specially trained master technician.
  • Head is re-torqued, valves set as well as the engine is painted

Forklift Transmissions For Instant Shipping

  • Miami Forklift transmissions are assembled utilizing painstaking workmanship given by well-trained forklift experts. Our transmission parts are disassembled carefully, high pressure washed and oven-cleaned. The cases are well-checked for cracks.
  • All transmissions are covered by the company’s warranty.
  • We provide 360 different part numbers obtainable in stock and more than 100 of the most in style models in stock all the time.

Steer Axles

We provide an extensive selection of American and Japanese forklift models in stock for the same day shipping. The forklift parts are well inspected and use the best manufacturing standards. Our parts are backed by the company’s warranty.

  • Every unit is totally disassembled, fully cleaned and high pressure washed.
  • The fundamental unit is straightened to specs on our essentially made equipment.
  • The spindles and tie rods are renewed or changed to meet the specs of OEM.
  • The King pin hole is line bored, the insert is totally welded in and the ground is smooth to carry the unit back with ease.
  • New shims, bushing, center pins, seals, tie rod ends, bearings as well as king pin is set up
  • After assembling, all the units are closely assessed, painted and fully tested.

Water Pumps

  • Hub flange or pulley, mounting gasket furnished with every renewed original pump.
  • Wide choices of local and international model in stock, accessible for fast and immediate delivery
  • High quality workmanship and tried for leak and oil pressure
  • The units are rust resistance and coated for long life.
  • The units are supported by the company’s warranty.
  • Reconditioned Flange and Pulley
  • New, sealed bearing, permanently lubricated as well as shaft assembly
  • Reconditioned Pump Casting
  • High Quality Seal Assembly
  • New Impeller
  • Mounting Gaskets
  • Reconditioned Cover

Alternators and Starters

Our alternators and starters are assessed and load tested. Miami Forklift has a wide range of forklift alternators and starters in stock for import and domestic forklifts. RPM, amperage draw and solenoid operation is checked under full voltage as well as loam of our one of a kind starter load tester. All our alternators are tried for amperage output on an advanced alternator testing unit.


Our parts experts have years of combined experience helping clients like you. We are capable of handling all forklift parts needs and we pride ourselves in sharing your sense of importance.


We are committed to offering high quality remanufactured parts which we double the warranty of.


Miami Forklift is the biggest material handling parts provider in Miami. We purchase in large numbers to help our customers save a significant amount.

We provide wide choices of remanufactured forklift parts that range
from steer axles to engines that could save you a huge amount of money.
All our remanufactured products are tested to make sure
that they meet the needed performance expectation.
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