Forklift Rentals
Walk into Miami Forklifts and look for a quality forklift to buy. Miami Forklifts also provides forklift rentals too. A forklift rental might be the solution you have been searching for assistance with short term objectives. This rental forklift option could lessen operating expenses in huge ways. Lots of money could be saved each year through deciding on renting forklifts rather than buying one. Whether you want a forklift for a minor project or to assist in your hectic season or are searching for specialized tool for a prolonged period of time, we at Miami Forklifts could help. With lease, rent as well as rent to own choices, you will think why has not looked into a forklift rental earlier.

It doesn’t matter if you want to transfer or lift material – on mud, rocks, solid ground or hillsides, as well as other rough land – we have the dependable and rugged tools to assist you get your industrial and construction task done right.

Why Choose Miami Forklift?

  • We have lots of rental forklifts to choose from
  • Choose from pneumatic and cushion, electric or gas
  • Stand up, sit down rider, walkies and order pickers
  • Capabilities from 3000 to 17,500 lbs.
  • State of the art equipment
  • Competitive rates
  • Rentals with a choice to buy obtainable

Why Rent a Forklift From Us?

Our forklift rental doesn’t slack on superiority. The same personable and reliable staff will help you with your queries regarding the many on hand forklift rental units. Pneumatic or cushion, electric or gas, stand up or sit down rider, the rental choices are endless. Let our skilled and friendly staff to assess the present your decision as you see our reasonable rates and the state of the art equipment.

At Miami Forklifts, we do not take superiority lightly. We assure that our forklift is in a good condition. Before a client comes to our showroom for an equipment rental, that equipment goes in a thorough assessment by our skilled factory trained experts. We value that our clients rely and trust us with their forklift needs and therefore we just trust the most excellent brands in the business. Our main priority is to make easily maintained solutions for the needs of our clients, which take account of forklift rental.

Boom lifts, Scissor lifts, forklifts as well as other industrial tool is at hand through Miami Forklifts. We do our very best to modify all our tools offers to the needs and budget of our clients. Don’t hesitate to call us to make out the rates and availability of our forklift unit.

Our fleets of forklifts offer ample strength, versatility, lift height as well as the performance features required for most uses. From warehouse forklifts to reach forklifts or rough terrain equipment, our Miami clients could depend on our high quality, top-tier as well as best material handling equipment.