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About Us
We are very proud to offer the best and flexible forklift rental solutions, providing competitive rental options and better after sales service. We have been serving the Miami for so many years and are now a really trusted supplier of flexible forklift rental solutions to the material handling market.

Our wide fleet of forklift for hire consists of Crown warehousing tool and Doosan counterbalance lift trucks. Our expert team is fanatical regarding service excellence and we think in developing long lasting business connections with all those we connect with.

Our Mission
We incorporate world class goods with state of the art solutions and expert assistance, thereby enhancing customer productivity in consistent delivery on our promises.

Majority of forklift rental agencies purchase used forklifts at the auction and lease them out, as is so as to make the most of their gains. On the other hand, we put each lift truck in their fleet in a thorough check up and repair process which assured which the lift truck you lease will in an ideal running order.


Wide Range Of Forklifts To Lease

Our wide selection of forklift is second to none. With the whole thing from Walkies, electric to heavy duty internal combustion bumpy terrain lift trucks, Miami Forklifts have them all at our forklift rental facility in Miami or could get one to you fast from any of our Miami facilities.

All Forklifts Assessed & Fixed by
Our Skilled Service Technicians

Our well trained and skilled employee will not only help you in the process of leasing a forklift, they will also assist you look for the best equipment for your requirements. Our rental facility in Miami is supported by our value and years of quality service. We could provide a selection of forklift rental options which include long term or short term rental, rent or even rent to buy. Our forklift rentals are extremely low; you will not give out a premium for our best service and quality.

Rent The Equipment You Like

Lease a forklift if you want it and you could be confident that it aiding your company prospers instead of adding the pressure of needless expense. Talk to any of our representative today and talk about your demands with them. Our staff are always on hand to answer all your questions. They are the most excellent in the industry and their skills and background is unparalleled.

Our forklift representative could assist you with your option, however there’s nothing like hand on
experience to provide you the additional assurance you want that you have made the best choice.
There’s no denying that today we are living in unsure economic times. But, you cannot pay for not to
have a forklift if you want it, however, you cannot afford to be disbursing a machine which is not
required full-time.

Call us now for all your
forklift rental needs.